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What Is Content Marketing?

The creation of audience targeted content to generate accurate traffic, leads, and customers.

Page content can be defined as text, images, or videos. The text references the keywords in the form of headings with accurate descriptions that answer the questions the user is searching for. Images or infographics can be used to provide an answer or information to enhance the content. Videos can increase a user's engagement with the content as well as providing accurate information to enhance the experience.

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Drive Awareness

By covering topics of expertise your site can begin to rank organically with pages created. This content can attract an audience and allow them to engage with your website.

Keep Attention

By offering quality content a user is likely to stay engaged on your website. The longer they stay on your site the more likely they are to consider your products or services.

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Achievable Goals with Content Marketing

Increase the volume or reach of organic traffic to your website.

Set your brand apart from your competitors.

Boost engagement of users on your site.

Track the conversions from the content to define a Return on Investment.

Connecting Content Marketing

Initially you would want to create a page that covers the content you want to target. This page has the opportunity to rank organically on search engines and provides a quality landing page for other mediums to link to.

From here you can build out related content for social media posts or pay-per-click ads that link back to this page. Using this content page as the landing page provides an accurate source of information that a user can engage with.

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