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Webaam is a Google Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional with over 10 years of experience working with the Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms.

Marketing a PPC Campaign with Webaam

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the paid links on a search engine. These links are created in the online programs Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. These links or ads have three key pieces of information which are the ad content, the keywords, and the landing page.

Pay-Per-Click with a Google Partner in Marietta & Beyond

Webaam is an online marketing company that creates pay-per-click campaigns using Google Ads and Bing Ads. Webaam is based in Marietta, Georgia, and has developed ppc campaigns for many businesses across metro Atlanta. We have worked with businesses outside of the Atlanta market too. Contact us if you need Pay-Per-Click services in Atlanta or the surrounding area.

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Google Certified Digital Marketing

The ad content consists of a title that is blue, a description below it, and a link to the landing page. These ads can also be enhanced with extensions like a phone number, image, snippets, pricing, and additional links.

The creator of an ad must choose what keywords they want their ad to show up on. When someone does a search for a specific word or phase that ad is triggered to run if there is a match.

When a user clicks on the link, this is where the link takes them. It is important for this page to be as accurate as possible to the ad link. The better the landing page content the better the experience is for the user.

All three of these elements, ad content, keyword, and landing page, impact the quality score of ads being run. The higher the quality score the cheaper the ads costs.

In theory you could just spend more money than your competitors to show up at the top of the page but that would be very expensive and wasteful. Ideally you want to invest evenly into all three aspects of a paid ad to produce a great user experience and keep costs low for a better return on investment.

Paid ads are ranked using an auction system that combines an ads quality score with the bidding price to produce a total score or AdRank. The quality score consists of three elements which are the ad content, the keywords, and the landing page. These three combined create a quality score of one to ten and then that score is multiplied by the bid or the amount of money a marketer wants to spend for a click and together they provide the search engine with a total score. When a query is entered into the search bar, the search engine takes all of the qualified ads and puts them in order of total score which creates their rank.

The cost of a click is not the set bid amount. The bid is simply an amount a marketer is willing to pay-per-click. To determine the cost of a click the search engine first ranks the ads in order of total score or AdRank which is a combination of the quality score and the bid amount. The AdRank of the ad one below is divided by the Quality Score of the one above and this produces the actual cost per click paid. The actual price cannot be determined until the auction happens but a relative estimate can be forecasted.

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