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What is SEO?

SEO is shorthand for "Search Engine Optimization," the practice of bringing a page as close to the front of search results as possible in order to drive up traffic. The better a page's visibility in search engines, the greater your chances are of getting attention and drawing in customers, both new and returning.

Quality of traffic

You can grab the attention of people living in every country on the planet, but if all of that traffic is being informed by Google that your Apple computer site is actually the business website of an apple orchard,, you do not have a high quality of traffic. The best way to refine traffic to its top quality is to attract visitors who genuinely care about whatever products or content are offered by your site.

Quantity of traffic

Once you have the right sort of traffic coming in from search engine results pages SERPs), the overall traffic flow to your site will improve.

Organic results

Ads account for a large portion of SERPs; organic traffic is any form of traffic gained without spending a cent.

How does SEO work?

Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, and other search engines use bots to skim the web, looking over all of the data on every page of every website and then regurgitating all of that accrued data as an index. Imagine this index like a giant library where someone can assist you in finding a specific book, i.e. a web page, that offers the exact sort of content you used the search engine to find.

Next, various algorithms, unique to each search engine, analyze the pages loaded into the index, consider all sorts of factors and details, and then sorts those hundreds of search results into a sequence that goes from most relevant to least relevant to what you searched for.

Why is SEO important for marketing?

SEO is an essential aspect of digital marketing; people are using the internet to do trillions of web searches every year, usually because they have some interest in buying something or hiring a service. Web searches are often the leading source of digital brand traffic and tend to bolster other forms of marketing. The combination of good visibility and a high rank in search results can have a noticeable impact on your earnings.

It should be noted that search results have shifted over time to give users more direct answers and data, making it more commoon for users to stay on the results page instead of heading to other sites. Additionally the "rich results" and "Knowledge Panels" of search results can bolster your optics and directly inform users about your company.

To clarify, SEO is the baseline of holistic marketing. Understand your website's users and you can engineer superior campaigns across your website, social media and so on.

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