Search Engine Marketing

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM is paid advertising that ensures your products or services show up in search engine results pages (SERPs). When users enter a certain key phrase, SEM helps ensure that your business shows up near the front of SERPs.

SEM Strategy

The goal of the SEM strategy is to optimize paid search ads while focusing on a specific idea. In order for this strategy to work, you need to understand how paid ads platforms function and efficiently control variables that alter performance such as budget, keywords, and copy.

Keyword Intent

The PPC strategy, otherwise known as PPC, begins with choosing the optimal keywords to bid on. The best way to accomplish this is by researching keywords and determining what queries will lead to your ad. The first step is brainstorming general terms, terms relating to your product, and even terms that describe what your competitors offer. If you're working with a smaller budget, it's best to focus on the keywords offering buying intent. If you have extra cash, you have access to words related to the early stages of product buying and words that have a tenuous connection to your services.

Keyword Cost

The bid you offer for the keyword and the quality rating that Google gives your ad determines the ad placement. The best placement goes to the ads that acquire the best rating alongside the highest bids. This causes high competition keywords to be more expensive, but bidding too low also restricts your ad from being shown. You need to stay competitive based on how many others want the same keyword.

Account and Campaign Structure

While you could gather together every keyword and attach them to a single ad, you would bleed through your money quickly. This would result in your rating dropping, so maintaining your Google Ads account is important in the long run. These are the levels you will encounter for the Google Ads campaign organization: Ad This is what's displayed for the keywords you use. Keywords These are the queries you bid on to link to your ad. Ad Group These are sets of similar keywords that are grouped according to a theme. Campaign This is the highest level available for managing your ad groups. Each of these levels will allow you to see what is working for you versus what isn't, enabling you to tweak performance when necessary and giving you the ability to manage your funds efficiently.


Even with top-tier keywords and your account properly structured, you still need to create great ads that will "earn" you the clicks that you desire. An ad is comprised of these components: Title Display URL Description

Managing Search Engine Marketing

If you understand what people are looking for through their search queries, you will be able to build a solid ad that makes your offer appealing to consumers. Please remember that SEM isn't something you set up and simply let run on its own. PPC needs continuous management and this allows you to experiment with ads, eliminate the chances of wasting your budget, and optimize keywords that you're placing bids on. This guarantees that you receive the most ROI for the work that you put in.